Ripples Early Learning Centre believes, all children are entitled to quality care and education in a safe and inspiring child-focussed setting. The environment should promote innovative learning, created by nurturing staff in accordance with family values.

We believe and value the provision of:

a) Meaningful and secure relationships with children

  • Each child is unique and respected and each child's contributions are acknowledged.
  • A nurturing environment provides safety and security.
  • Experiences facilitate active participants of learning.
  • We build upon a child's self image, independence and self belief with a sense of responsibility.

b) Partnerships with parents and the community

  • The relationships each child has with their families and communities are the foundations for learning.
  • Meaningful and trusting relationships with families are essential and are used in extending each child's learning.
  • Information exchange about family life, community and culture is embraced and is used in the development of our curriculum.

c) High quality care and education from Educators

  • Educators are advocates for young children's needs and rights.
  • Ongoing support and training is provided for each professional Educator.
  • Educators model positive attitudes and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Children's interests and special abilities as well as cultural backgrounds are the basis of our curriculum.

d) Innovative programming and learning

  • Experiences facilitate learning and positive outcomes.
  • Educators, children, family and community are an integral part of the program.
  • Children learn through exploration, investigation and collaboration.
  • Engaging in reflection and special interests as well as cultural backgrounds are the basis of our curriculum.

e) Creative learning environments

  • The indoor and outdoor spaces facilitate exploration and self paced learning.
  • Nature plays an important role in children's learning about the world in which we live.
  • Environmental responsibility is powerful and effective throughout the day.
  • Children guide their learning with the assistance of educators.
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  • "My son Eli has been attending Ripples for the past year and I have watched him flourish into a happy, social and confident toddler. My once shy 2 year old son has a new lease on life and I'm grateful to the wonderful staff at Ripples for helping bring this out in him. It's a safe and loving envronment " 


  • "We can highly recommend the services & professionalism at Ripples. The entire team strive daily to create special 'wow moments' for each & every child. This is very evident from the moment you step into each room. Our son, like all the children, are treated with care, attention & are supported through the brilliant learning  curriculum that the teachers practice."

    Greg & Emma

  • "My daughter has life threatening allergies. The staff at Ripples took the severity of her condition seriously and were extremely diligent to ensure that my daughter was never exposed to her allergens either via what she ate or what she touched.  She was never excluded from activities or special events as they were organised with her allergies in mind. It was a refreshing experience to have a dedicated team provide the same level of care that we provide at home ."