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About Kelly

My passion for working with children was fulfilled when I graduated from The Institute of Early Childhood at Macquarie University, in 1993. Once I attained my Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood I was able to spread my wings and make a difference in little peoples lives. Since then I have fulfilled a number of roles within the early childhood sector. My prior roles have given me the opportunity to work with children of all age groups from babies and toddlers to pre-schoolers. In addition to a team leader role, I have fulfilled the role of Director and Operations Manager. This took me to other states in Australia where I set up, managed and was the overseer of multiple centres. I worked in London for a short time in a primary school before returning to purchase a small centre with my husband on the mid north coast. I also assisted my own family in developing a large purpose built centre in Sydney.

My vision of children's care and education in the early childhood years has been consistent throughout the years. I believe that children learn through actively participating in experiences that foster their curiosity, decision making and critical thinking. Experiences created by a child, fosters the development of interests, a sense of well being, personality and a child's identity. However I also support the thought that intentional teaching has an important role in constructing understanding, relationships, connections and knowledge. A balance of both functional learning styles assists in meeting the needs of every child.

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About Sharon

After completing my Certificate III in Early Childhood Studies in 2012, I went on to open a family day care business. The immense joy and satisfaction this role afforded me led to continued studies in Early Childhood and the attainment of a Diploma of Early Childhood Studies. Owning and operating a long day care centre is a dream shared by my close friend and colleague Kelly. The opportunity to work alongside an industry veteran like Kelly is for me the opportunity of a lifetime. Our shared core beliefs and a strong desire to offer exceptionally high quality care make for a very dynamic partnership.

Prior to working in Early Childhood I worked for the N.S.W. Department of Education. I had worked in local public and independent schools for the previous 9 years. My duties included development and implementation of individual education plans for special needs students and providing both educational and emotional support. I have many and varied qualifications in both the Education and Welfare Sectors and I look forward to bringing my extensive training and life experience to the Ripples team.

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Our creative, enthusiastic team have been personally selected by Kelly and Sharon to ensure they share our vision for the centre in meeting the needs of our families. Our staff undergo an informative induction process to establish a solid educational framework that also nurtures the individual personalities of both the children and the staff.

Ongoing training is encouraged to ensure every team member has the opportunity to stay up to date with current early childhood practices. Management support the interests of all staff members and source ongoing training to ensure that such needs are met. It is a requirement that all staff complete a mandatory number of child care related courses each year. This ensures the staff continuously providing innovative and creative programs that inspire children's development and learning.

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