Educators aim to work collaboratively with families and the wider community to create positive learning environments and guide experiences for each child.

Ripples provides an innovative curriculum which is guided by the National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework, which we recognise as best practice, embodying the central idea of “being, belonging and becoming”.

Our curriculum is accessed through the online interactive portal where families can view our programs, reflective journals, photos and educational observations/learning stories. Our web-based program can be accessed  on various devices (Laptops, Desktops and Smart Phones)any time, anywhere.

The curriculum reflects the values, knowledge and skills of the children, families and educators at Ripples.

Our Educators provide a tailored curriculum by identifying each child’s strengths and interests through observing and engaging with children daily.  Building relationships is an integral part of how our curriculum is built.

Young children flourish when adults collaborate with families and other educators and  discuss openly how to best meet each child’s needs.

Ongoing critical reflection and information exchange between educators and families  ensure there is a child focused approach  and the needs of each individual child are met.

We believe that collaboration and communication underpin any effective curriculum.

Educators plan experiences, both intentionally and spontaneously and design the environment to scaffold every child’s  skills, knowledge and understanding of the world.

Children have the opportunity to explore materials, experiences, relationships, and ideas through a variety of open-ended mediums.

They are encouraged  to ask questions, investigate, gather information, hypothesise, and to form tentative conclusions.

Educators model thinking and problem solving and challenge children’s existing ideas about how things work.

By critically reflecting, evaluating and documenting learning, educators are able to plan for the future.

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