The pre-school children begin the day with a morning group to welcome everyone. They are given opportunities to share thoughts and ideas with their educators and friends. Each child has a voice and their view is respected and valued. There is a sense of community and support within the room.

The flexible routine has been established to promote self-help skills so that the children begin to learn how to look after their belongings and develop a sense of ownership. A feeling of belonging develops positive self-esteem and confidence in pre-schoolers. The routine guides children seamlessly through the day, while ensuring every child is nurtured and supported as active participants.

The pre-school room is designed so that children can move freely making choices about where their learning and play will take place. The environment is inviting and allows children to explore at their own pace with stimulating and challenging experiences. The open ended activities provide options for exploration so that there is no right or wrong, just discovery through participation. Learning is often spontaneous and is instigated by each individual.

Intentional teaching plays a part within the pre-school room. The dedicated educators are often seen engaging and guiding children in project work. These projects provoke and extend individual and group learning, which assists each child to make discoveries, explore ideas, work co-operatively and solve problems. This hands-on approach ensures learning is genuine, valid and effective.

Our professional educators support the children’s choices and this results in positive attitudes towards education. We scaffold learning so that challenges can be met beyond our pre conceived ideas and expectations of what pre-school children can do.

Our educators work with each child’s unique qualities and abilities to develop an individual education plan, which is primarily focussed on skill acquisition and resilience required for the school years ahead.

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